• Jackie Reynolds

your shift in perception is the MIRACLE

Right now we have an opportunity to see the world differently.

To open our eyes, our ears, and not hide behind our usual distractions.

To listen to one another.

To empathize and show compassion.

To see through the lens of love.

This is our divine calling.

To hit pause on our lives and pay attention.

We are all being called to be of service.

To be willing and vulnerable enough to do the work and the inner work to heal ourselves, so we can then help others around us heal.

To get grounded in our own well being and practice.

To go to the underdeveloped parts of our psyche, the parts that are easy to hide from, and re-learn.

The world is shifting and we have an opportunity to shine our light and our heart to those who need us.

It's not about going back to normal anymore.

This is when the real work begins.

The work to stay committed to restore our shared humanity.


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