• Jackie Reynolds

Blank Slate

I guess we were always just floating in space.

And Summer 2020 feels exactly like that.

After trying to hang on as tightly as I could, I realized that I was truly letting go when I started to envision a future I wouldn’t have been capable of otherwise.

When we are stripped of everything, getting back to zero is a scary place to be.

We avoid it at all costs by trying to hang on to our control and find as many distractions to cover up our anxieties and fears.

We never allow ourselves to actually fully embrace a blank slate.

The truth is, no matter how hard we try to hold it all together, the falling apart will not let up until our inner and outer worlds are aligned.

Once I allowed myself to get to zero and began to inhabit my blank slate, I started to feel more free.

And I thought…at least being at zero is an HONEST place to be.

I realized that anything based on fear, neediness, force, control, or inauthenticity is unable to survive here. How refreshing!

Now, finally, I can truly begin to write a new story and let go of the old narrative I wanted so badly.

It is in my radical acceptance of being here that I don’t feel like I’m searching or waiting anymore.

It is here where I can begin to open up to another dimension of my life and give it space to grow.

It is here where I can allow a new future and another story to take place.

It is here when we realize that the world can still be a better place.

It is here where we can finally start again.




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