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Jackie's Immunity and Mood Boosting Tips!

As we continue to walk through this new “normal” it’s important to also understand that this time is not normal.

And as much as it may be nice to cook dinners at home, spend time with family, or have time for workouts, we are still in a crisis. We are waking up and still experiencing angst, stress, and even emotional frustrations no matter how much we try to put our best foot forward.

It is so important right now to remind yourself to feel how you need to feel in order to continue to move forward during this "Covid-Funk". If you need to cry, scream, watch movies, rest etc. you are allowed.

But never forget that there are tools available to you that you can take advantage of right now that will allow you to take control of your space, mind and spirit

This post is here to help give you more tools going forward to boost your immunity and mood to carry you through day by day.

Whatever your body is asking of you, these tools can be easily used TODAY.

By taking ownership of our environment and how we want to feel, we can allow ourselves to clear the energy of our space and mind by hitting that reset button any time we need.

My Go-To Immunity / Mood Boosters


Supplementing with Vitamins right now is vital!

Vitamin D is my biggest recommendation as we are not getting our normal amount of sunlight.

Vitamin D deficiency can become a direct correlation to our mood, energy level and immunity.

Natural supplementation can work wonders for our bodies and minds during this time!


In my opinion, this is not a time to be lazy. We need to let the emotions move through us.

I have been making sure I get movement by either taking long walks, runs, using citibike, yoga or at home workouts every single day.

Movement allows the stress to freely move through and out of us.


When do we ever get this much time to cook at home?

Because we have so much control in the kitchen, we are able to finally take full advantage of how we are nourishing ourselves. If you are feeling lethargic, or down, choose foods that are light, healthy!

And my suggestion? Have fun picking out the recipes so they are fun to make!

If you need a few for reference, you can find my most recent blog post here where I list my favorite VEGAN recipes I am making right now!


I want to take this time to change your perception of cleaning.

Yes we are having to clean more often than ever before, but I want you to think of cleaning as clearing the energy of your space!

Taking leadership of the energy of your space can directly change your mood.

Every single day, I clean, use my diffuser, and light my palo santo, to allow the space to not only be sanitized but to air out old energy.

We are able to think, feel, and work on a more grounded level when the space around us is clear.

Essential Oils

I love using Saje Natural Wellness and Blossom Bar for my essential oils!

Saje Wellness offers cleaning products with essential oils as well as room sprays and body lotions.

Blossom Bar also provides some of my favorite scents because they can tailor personal scents you need for specific moods.

If you're unsure of what scents to buy, I would highly recommend going for citrus scents that are light and uplifting!


Having the space and time to slow down and go inward is something we rarely get.

Meditating is also a form of connecting to inner self, breath and prayer.

If you are new to meditation, I recommend Dr. Shane Volney's 5x5 breathing method.

You can find more of his work here.

The 5x5 method allows you to choose to either stand or sit, placing one hand on heart and one hand on stomach. Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and inhale for a full 5 seconds and exhale for a full 5 seconds.

Do this for 2-3 minutes.

By using breath and moments of stillness we can slow down our nervous system and that can directly help your mood and boost your immunity!


I play music everyday! You can follow my newest playlist I created for this time here.

Music is with me all day long.

Whether it's during my long walks, first thing when I wake up and make coffee, or even when I'm cooking dinner.

I am constantly making playlists and setting the mood I want to feel by playing music in my space.


Solo dance parties are known to be immediate mood boosters.


Virtual Calls

It's funny how it took a worldwide pandemic to get us to use our devices for actual connection on a day to day basis.

My boyfriend and I have been making virtual calls everyday. Making time to virtually visit family, friends, or even groups of people to play games gives us something to look forward to and sometimes a reason to put on real clothes!


I have always been a big fan of writing, and I believe this is the best time to open up our thoughts more by writing them down.

I recommend keeping a gratitude journal if nothing else!

Remembering that it is a privilege to be isolated and at home right now, and taking time to honor the little things that make us feel joy.

Also, this time has allowed me to write a few letters!

Sometimes the best way to receive joy is to send it. :)


Just last week my boyfriend and I noticed that our favorite shows were more on the dark and suspenseful side.

I was having weird dreams and feeling on edge after some of the shows we were choosing to watch and when I realized that was a culprit, I immediately switched gears and voted we find tv shows that are more light and comical.

By taking control of your entertainment, you are taking ownership of what your mind and body consume and how they feel and operate.

Well, guys! There you have it.

Giving you my top tips for mood and immunity boosters that I am doing every single day.

This is not rocket science, and we all are getting through the best way we can, but I wanted to take this extra time and give back any tips that may help your "Covid-Blues"!




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