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You Guys!! I am super stoked for this one.

This is my first collaboration (from afar), and it is with my fellow soul sister, Cristina Dueño!

In this post we will be giving you FOUR of our favorite healthy and VEGAN recipes that are keeping us full and feeling good while staying home!

But first!

Our Soulful Path Story:

Cristina and I met in our (very) early 20s working at a restaurant in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

At the time we were both on track to follow our passions as artists and navigating our big city life...(while fully indulging in the restaurants' hot fudge brownie sundaes, cheeseburgers, and steak frites.)

As we continued to follow our own soulful paths and grow far beyond that first job, our artistic journeys began to take us all over the world!

And even in the flow of it all, our lives have always been intertwined and aligned in mystical ways.

It’s no wonder that we both began to navigate new lifestyles with our diet at the same time!


Two years ago, Cristina's grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cristina became determined to research more about the links between eating animal products and disease.

As she continued to study food's relationship to disease, she understood more and more why other members of her family had been developing other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Cristina's family moved to Miami from Puerto Rico and could only afford lower priced food options.

To her frustration, she realized the ugly truth that having a healthier diet is more costly in America.

She found it to be an injustice to all lower income families who also experienced these diseases due to the food options they were left with.

Cristina became moved to eat cleaner and find cheaper ways to make it work in hopes to improve not only her diet, but inspire her family to do the same.

As she became a beacon of health to those around her, she instantly noticed herself feeling better!

Beyond feeling better, she noticed differences in her skin, mental clarity, higher energy levels, and even a more regular menstrual cycle.

Today, Cristina is completely vegan and gluten free!

Around the same time Cristina was changing her lifestyle, I was implementing a plant based diet.

For me, I have dealt with bloating and slow digestion all of my life.

And as I continued to live an active lifestyle in fitness, I wanted to take my health to the next level.

I was interested in seeing what my digestion would be like if I eliminated dairy and red meat for a month to start.

I spent the first month introducing my diet to plant based proteins only.

I knew right away that I loved how it made me feel and by the first week noticed I didn't have any cravings for meat!

Only one small problem, I hardly EVER cooked.

It was then when I realized that if I wanted to take this practice seriously, I needed to take more control in the kitchen.

I decided a meal delivery system would help immensely and signed up for the vegan/plant based meal plan, Purple Carrot.

I'm not joking when I say that Purple Carrot literally taught me how to cook!

(If you are interested in trying this meal plan out, click here)

In just one year of being plant based, I started getting much more creative with my cooking and even started to invent my own recipes!

Now let me start by saying that Cristina did not have any problem in the kitchen, as she is a MUCH better chef than I.

Just last Summer I was staying with her in Barcelona while she was enrolled in classes at the International Yoga Studio, YOGABODY.

I was astonished at how many vegan restaurants there were in Barcelona AND how much cheaper it was to shop healthier.

A cleaner diet was accessible to everyone there!

Cristina showed me not only her favorite vegan spots during my visit, but cooked for me as well!

She kept saying that she LOVED making her own meals and was determined to bring this lifestyle with her back to America.

You can check out her cookbook she created in Barcelona here: #mijitameals

Which brings us to the present...

While Cristina and I are now living in NYC and staying home, like everyone else, we are cooking A LOT.

A few weeks ago we were FaceTiming while she was making her famous tofu tacos and I asked her for the recipe. We then started sharing our favorite healthy recipes with one another to get us through this time!

Which is how we decided to pair up and GIVE YOU our four favorites right now.

And if you're wondering how either one of these diets would work for you, maybe these yummy meals will help you to start that journey.

Our mission to stay healthy while staying home starts in the kitchen, and we hope these recipes get you excited to do something different for dinner tonight!

1. Caramelized Banana & Date Chia Pudding by Cristina Dueño

2. Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Curry by Jackie Reynolds

3. Caribbean Style Black Bean and Beet Burgers by Cristina Dueño

4. Kale and Farro Health Bowl

If you choose to pick one of these recipes, let us know!!!

Or if you happen to have some of your own, please share.

Let's all stay healthy while staying home.


Cristina and Jackie


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