• Jackie Reynolds


While living in this space we are able to see who we really are without all of the things we cannot do.

And in these bare bones we are able to witness how this time makes us uncomfortable.

We can not only take witness to what is challenging and triggering us, but what this time is also ALLOWING us to do.

While this time is bringing up our grievances, fears, anxieties, now is the time to be present and honor those feelings in order to let them move through us. It’s so easy to get static and stuck in these emotions and if we allow them to manifest, they work against our immune system and mental health.

I have been letting my emotions move through me by writing, meditating, creating, moving, watching funny movies, cooking healthy meals, catching up on sleep, FaceTiming friends, sending letters..

Now is the time to do the work that we have been cultivating!

The self-love / self-care work that allows us to connect deeper to self and source.

Now is the time to connect to who we really are.

We are no longer the robots we have designed ourselves to be; living distracted and disconnected from the present and what's going on in the inside.

Now is the time to rethink and restructure!

As the world unravels on this collective shift, notice what is shifting within you.

Now is the time to get all your ducks in a row for what you want.

Allowing connection to a higher power in all areas of your life.

Because this won't last forever...

And when this is up, how will you return to the new pace?

How will you be different?

What will you have learned?

What will you have chosen for yourself?

We are being given the opportunity to ascend.

How will you use the tools you have cultivated to weather this storm?

Now is the time.


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