• Jackie Reynolds


We are not exactly in a joyous time right now…

And it looks as if the unknown of our future continues to bring out more panic, fear, and anxiety all over the world.

It is important to be aware, prepared and smart...but I have noticed how getting sucked into the 'crisis language' in everyday media only adds more drama to our trauma.

Ultimately feeding our fear based mindset.

Truth is, we can't do anything at this moment except take this one day at a time, and make the best decisions we can for ourselves and those around us.

In no way am I making light of the coronavirus outbreak, but I do believe that we are surrounded by fear and stressful news segments that are controlling how we operate in our day to day lives.

And as I feel myself getting lost in nostalgia and sadness for our present situation, I wanted to share these tools that I use to redirect my attention away from a fear based mindset.

These tools are here to help you remember that YOU are in control of your own feelings and how you can cultivate, protect and bring your positivity to the world around you!

We need it.

Before I get into the list, I believe it is important to acknowledge that having a positive mindset takes work.

Positive people still deal with negative thoughts and emotions, but the work is in how they form and manipulate their thought patterns away from negativity.

So turn off the news for a second and check these out :)

1. Anticipate Positive Outcomes

There is so much unknown right now, and with the unknown stems confusion and a whole lot of doubt.

However, we do know that our lives will pick back up again eventually, and that this, too, will pass.

With this knowledge, we can anticipate positive outcomes by feeding our faith and anticipating that this will get better.

If we truly believe that the precautions that are being taken are helping, we can have a sense of comfort while social distancing and taking care of our health.

Anticipating the positive is a forward way of thinking. We are not looking back at all that has gone wrong, we are in the present moment and are energetically looking forward to a brighter future.

When we train ourselves to learn how to anticipate positive outcomes during dark times, we begin to find more positivity in our present moment.

2. Seek appreciation, joy and wonder in your everyday life

With this pandemic has come a collective pause and complete isolation.

However, have you noticed that through this isolation we are now using social media to stay connected more than ever?

People are no longer using social media as a 'highlight reel', but to bond and connect to one another for support during this time.

What has inspired me is the amount of people using social media as a way to comfort, connect and even raise money to help those without work.

And some of you may be thinking..

"When there seems to be so little joy surrounding us, how do we stay inspired?"

This is where the work comes in.

How can you cultivate your own joy and faith?

With this isolation, you can take this collective pause and find new opportunity.

When there are no other distractions, we can ask ourselves "what do I want?"

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Go for a walk and look up at the sky. Meditate by your window. Start a great morning workout routine. Spend time with your family. Get on a regular sleep schedule. Read a book. FaceTime friends. Take up a new hobby. Journal. Try a new recipe...

When you train yourself to seek joy and wonder in your everyday life, you begin to appreciate and notice the good.

Even in dark times, there is still joy.

3. Generate positive feelings you want to experience

When we begin to feel positive feelings, we naturally attract more positive thoughts.

Most of us wait for a reason to be positive, but what if you followed your faith and positive outlook without waiting for an outcome to fulfill that sensation?

In other words, feel the joy anyway.

I have lately been protecting my faith and joy by turning off the noise from the news and staying present.

Right now there is much concern taking place all over the world, but all we can do to help right now is to sit comfortably in our homes and wait for things the calm down.

During this time we can work on positive feelings by distancing ourselves from negativity and feeding our joy in the present moment.

Taking moments to generate positive feelings allow for more positive experiences.

4. Reflect regularly on ALL that you are grateful for

This collective pause is naturally having us turn inward.

And a lot of spiritual and positive work happens when we turn inward.

We can use this time to reflect on what our lives look like when the world around us stops.

What comes up for you? Where does anxiety live in your body? How do you sit with stress?

When we start to really get to know our fear based emotions, we can get present, breathe into them, and begin to let them go.

Now once we are present and calm, we can take time to meditate, journal and focus on gratitude.

Giving thanks to the Universe that we are still here and we will get through this together.



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