• Jackie Reynolds

7 Best Stress Strategies for Creatives

Chances are stress has obstructed your creative process more than once.

This can look like self-doubt, resistance, or overwhelm.

We all these emotions very well.

And even though these negative emotions do not serve us, if we don't have the tools to get us back on track to a positive mindset, we can get carried away and spiral into a negative thought pattern.

These strategies are here to help you connect back to your inspiration and positive thinking so you can get back to creating! So if you are experiencing resistance towards your creative endeavor or going through the emotional ups and downs from this business, these tools are here to help turn these strategies into new and positive habits!

Make feeling like YOURSELF on your soulful path a main priority.

1. Don't Leave Everything to the Last Minute.

Basically, take care of your side of the street! As an actor, I know the ebs and flows of this business are insane, and in order to create space for my creative flow or last minute opportunities, I know my *ish* needs to be taken care of regularly.

Whether that is returning a phone call right away, picking out the audition material the night before, or even doing my laundry before it piles up. Taking care of the little stressors ultimately allows me to feel less stressed throughout the day, and have more ease for when the bigger stressors come about.

This ultimately allows me to take more positive actions towards my career as an actress.

The more I stay accountable to myself, the less clutter and blocks I have in my mind that slow me down.

2. Plan Your Days Based On Your Energy Level

As I mentioned before, the ebs and flows of this business are batshit.

Some times you may go WEEKS without an audition.

While other times you may have 12 hours to prepare for three auditions, one callback, that class you signed up for last month, take a voice lesson, AND make it on time for your 'side gig'.

It makes zero sense, but we do what we have to do!

We all know what a burn out feels like. Wasn't fun, was it?

This is why it is so important to get to know your energy level and to listen to what your body is telling you.

In order to stay grounded in the ups and downs and twists and turns, we need to do the work by taking care of our energy.

If you feel like you're hitting a wall, or like you're constantly pushing without a break...take a break! Plan your day to go outside, see friends, visit family, pick up an extra shift, whatever you need to restore yourself.

On the flip side, if you feel a surge of momentum and inspiration, make space in your day to RIDE that creative wave! Create space in your day by cancelling dinner plans, take a class, wake up two hours earlier, or skip the gym to sit and write your play!

Creating the space needed to serve your energy level is so important because when our creative muse knocks, we need to be ready to open that door!!


Which brings me to this point.

Once we know how to work properly based on our energy level, it is imperative to know when REST is necessary.

Being an artist, especially a freelance artist like myself, it is ALL about the hustle.

If we don't hustle, we don't work. And if we don't work, we don't get paid.

But if you feel a sense of run down, or drain, hustling from that low energy will most likely work against you.

I'm not saying to not focus on your main priorities, but take into consideration that your body is talking to you.

Consider REST being the work needed to breakthrough these low energy and uninspired moments.

Remember, being productive or "busy" does not make you more important.

Know when to let the result go, and use the rest period to bring the inspiration to you!

4. Journal Your Thoughts

If you are experiencing a creative block, and it is leading to a negative thought spiral, my biggest advice is to get to know what's going on in your head by putting it on paper.

You will probably hear me talk about journaling non stop in this blog because, well, this blog was first birthed from my journal entries!

Journaling legitimately changed my life, but more on that later. :)

Getting your thoughts on paper and reading them back brings a sense of clarity.

It provides an instant sense of release while also allowing you to connect to yourself on a deeper level.

5. Don't Plan Ahead So Much

This one is HUGE for me in order to allow more freedom in my headspace.

If I begin to plan ahead too far in advance, I am blocking myself from creative opportunities and possibilities. I believe that being an artist requires a sense of spontaneity when we look at our future.

The second we start planning our future and giving it a structure, the more we close ourselves off to what could be coming our way. This does not mean to stop setting goals, it means to connect deeper by opening yourself up to divine timing.

This is where I get spiritual...

To trust your intuition and divine timing is also to trust that the Universe is conspiring in your favor.

You should still continue going after what you want, but remain open for opportunities beyond your imagination.

So set goals and ask the Universe for what you want!

But the second you PLAN for something to happen, the second we stop looking at the bigger picture.

6. Get To Know How You Work Best

Which leads me to THIS strategy!^

Because I am more aligned to my creative path through openness and spontaneity, I know I don't work well with a lot of routine and structure. If I am not booked on a gig, I have multiple side jobs that support my lifestyle.

I know I work best as a freelancer because I can make my own schedule week by week and month by month.

I need to have this lifestyle because I know my creativity and inspiration are more willing to work for me when I have the flexibility.

However, if you NEED structure in order to feel more grounded in your creative alignment, maybe a more stable side hustle with set hours every week is what YOU need.

Getting to know yourself and how you work best is so KEY when wanting to stay afloat in this business.

Work smarter, not harder!

7. Exercise To Relax

I may not have to go into too much depth with this, because, DUH!

However, sometimes when we are experiencing creative blocks, it slows us down even physically.

One of my favorite ways to clear my emotional space and get motivated is to get my body in motion.

When I am connected to breath and movement, I get out of my head.

And when I experience a physical release, I am instantly able to let go of thoughts that are not serving me or my process.

Building an exercise routine allows me to give back time to myself, declutter my mess, and to be led by my own guidance.

It is my most favorite ritual.

Like walking into a church/synagogue, connecting to breath and body is how I connect to spirit.

We all experience being led off track through negative thoughts of resistance.

But everyday you CHOOSE to practice a positive new habit, is a day that you have beat resistance and allowed your art to come through.

I hope these strategies guide you back to your alignment whenever you get off track. <3


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