• Jackie Reynolds

A Journey Back to Self

Happy September :)

With this brand new month comes a brand new season, and I am here for it!

I know it’s not just me that feels a new energy coming about.

And with this new energy comes a new sense of clarity in our intentions and spiritual alignment.

This is a time to follow that momentum of change and expand with the new season.

If you follow me, you know it has been a rough year in all areas of my life, which led me to lose my way in the confusion and hurt.

This required a lot of self-work and patience in my own healing.

As I am entering this new season, I can finally feel the healing bring me back to myself and inner light.

In this blog I want to open up about some of the tools I have been using in order to help me heal and take advantage of this new energy.

These tools are meant to help you prosper and manifest new and abundant opportunities!

1. Invest in Yourself: When we get caught up in life’s curve balls and overwhelmed with our own mess, we tend to lose ourselves and our soul intentions. In this new month I have been finally feeling the dust settle, and I knew if I wanted to take my career and happiness to the next level, I needed to take action during this time of newness and clarity.

For me, I decided to invest in new headshots and an acting coach!

SAYING YES to TAKING ACTION only amps up your momentum, and as we enter this new surge of energy, investing in yourself is a great way to kick it into high gear.

What are you waiting for to take yourself to the next level?

Maybe it’s finally signing up for that gym membership, or taking that vacation, or getting a life coach!

These are all examples in how you can say YES to yourself and your growth, and will 100% move you further in the direction you want to go.

2. Change it Up: Embracing change is great, but making a change during the start of a new season just feels so GOOD!

And I get that some of you may not be open to change, so I’m going to keep this simple…

Sometimes bringing a breath of renewal into your daily routine can occur by just getting a haircut, rearranging your furniture, or taking a new route to work.

Welcoming small bits of change into your daily routines allows you to feel a sense of renewal and recharge!

I, personally, chose to change up my room this season and purchased a new comforter and some throw pillows! This has already made me feel new in my familiar space and sparks a fresh start to the new month!

3. De-Clutter: YUP!! This not only welcome a cleansing energy into your space, but actually lighten your load.

De-cluttering and letting go of old items can also be used as a personal and spiritual exercise when it comes to “letting go of the old”.

Your mind will instantly feel more free allowing you to create more energetic space and open up to what the new season has to offer.

This season I made a pile of clothes I didn't wear all Summer and took stock in what I can donate!

**De-clutter and give back.**

It's a win win.


Gratitude is much more than an attitude, it’s a practice.

By making gratitude a practice, you lean more into your joy and relish in what you already have.

In order to practice gratitude I suggest keeping a daily gratitude journal, take a day to write thank you letters, or even call someone and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life!

To be grateful is to find joy in your present moment and to fully embrace everything that brought you to this point.

I hope these tips provided some insight on how we can take advantage of this seasonal shift to help us on our own journey in coming back to ourselves.

It's time to go farther.

To expand.

To find more optimism, joy and adventure!

Because once we find our way back to ourselves by trusting our own healing and growth, we can start again.


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