• Jackie Reynolds

Joy Ride

The journey matters just as much as the result.

Make it a joy ride.

Without a doubt, the pursuit of an artistic career is a wild ride.

It’s unpredictable, unbalanced, and unknown which tends to make the highs mind blowing, but can also lead to the lows being gut wrenching.

However, when we decided to take a risk and live our lives creatively it was a spiritually aligned and soulfully guided decision.

It is a thrilling ride to accept because we are following a knowing towards a greater purpose.

I have recently awakened to the truth that my artistic journey (which is focused in show business) has become disconnected from my soul-driven desires.

I have been leading with my ego in ways I didn’t even notice…

(I need the money, It would be great exposure, They’ll talk shit about me if I say ‘no’…)

By losing myself to external outcomes, I began to value outer attainment over my own inner attunement.

Being detached from my inner guidance made my “joy ride” feel like a never ending uphill battle.

“We need to re-learn how to move toward our dreams with trust and well-placed devotion.”

  • Danielle Laporte

By not leading with my soulful intentions I began to feel blocked creatively which made it nearly impossible to connect to my greater purpose.

I needed to get back to the core desire of my dreams to make this ride feel good again.

As I am realizing this awakening to my calling as an artist, I want to share three steps on how I have started to unblock myself creatively in order to go deeper towards the flame of my soulful desires.

1. Get Clear on Your Desires

Let’s just say that sitting down and writing/mediating/reading in order to ground myself to my inner guidance is something I have to do regularly.

By sitting down and focusing on my soulful intentions, it requires me to analyze how I want to feel.

In show business we are faced with the outcome of auditions being out of our hands, which is expected, but leaves us wanting to have control in something.

When I was losing sight in my desires it was when I was obsessively trying to control things like castings, bookings, my physique, and a pretty instagram.

While some would argue that some of these things are important, I noticed that my intentions were becoming ego-based and not soul-driven.

If you are finding yourself losing sight of your desired intentions, slow down and listen.

Get clear on what it is your soul wants and connect to what makes you feel good.

Feeling good is the primary intention on our joy ride.

2. Allow Your Dreams to Evolve

Stay on top of you dreams.

What I mean is, my dreams at 20 looked a lot different than my dreams at 24. And my dream life at 24 looked incredibly different than my dream life at 27...

Well, now I am 29 and as I continue to be molded by my past experiences and life lessons, the life of my dreams continues to expand and evolve along the way.

And that's okay!

There's no need to criticize the past in order to validate the future.

We are supposed to have breakthroughs, change it up and take new aim.

It's all part of our transformational process.

Don't undermine your journey.

Now you know where you want to go next!

3. Make It a Joy Ride

It's about choosing positivity when you could easily choose negativity.

For example:

Most of the time the life of an actress requires many side jobs...

In my case, the uncertainty that comes from my freelancing and survival jobs feeds financial stress when I am not booking. I have used this stress to fuel my insecurities in regards to never feeling "enough" so I took work that seemed more secure (and not right for me) in order to feel in control and content in my position.

I wasn't exactly on the "joy ride" anymore...

I had to learn how to say 'no' to work I knew was not aligned for me, and look at my freelance gigs differently...

I know that I need the freedom of freelance work in order to make space for my art and create the life of my dreams.

By reprioritizing, I got real with what made me feel good.

Putting my soulful desires first makes me feel my best.

And when we feel good, goodness flows.

We have the ability to make each experience of our lives part of the joy ride and an opportunity to shine our light.

With this, I have found that I may not be able to control my experiences surrounding me, but I can make a choice in how I feel about them.

**Your dream life is personal.**

Get clear on what your soul desires and open wide to what you want.

Enjoy the ride. It's the ride of your LIFE!


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