• Jackie Reynolds

You Are More Than Your Present Situation

Happy Last Day of April!

Spring is here, and as the world around us blossoms and begins again, I hope that you are trusting the seasonal shift of your own life and remembering to check in with yourself during this time of renewal.

As I mentioned in my last post, this year has come full force with a lot of pain and a lot of lessons.

I have recently suffered a loss in my family, have been disappointed in my work life, and on top of it all, audition rejections seem to be fueling my stress and heartbreak.

All to say that sometimes things just get too heavy to carry.

So, what happens when we keep showing up and plugging away, and it just doesn’t seem like it’s working out?

We get tired.

And eventually, we surrender to what is and we let go.

Renewal happens when you are at the end of your own power.

I was just listening to a podcast with Rob Bell, and he went on to explain that interesting things begin when we are at the end of our own strength.

The moment we surrender to what is, we are able to open up to a power beyond ourselves.

This struck me because as I look back on my past ‘victories’, they have always happened when I am entirely detached from the outcome.

Why is that?

I have come to believe that the art of surrendering opens up the space to allow miracles to occur.

When you surrender to what is, you accept that you are not the greatest power in the Universe, bringing a sense of lightness and awareness to your authentic self.

This resulting in the renewal of your spirit and ultimately attracting what you want.

Surrendering to your present situation feels difficult at first, but it reminds you that YOU are more than your present situation.

So as we enter a new energy space and season of renewal, if it all just seems too heavy to carry, put it down.

You will be telling the Universe:

“I can’t carry this anymore.

You take it.”

Expect miracles.


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