• Jackie Reynolds

21 Quick Tips to Start Your Self-Care Practice

Some seasons are harder than others.

For me, these past few months have consisted of heartbreak and rejection that have resulted in an inner turmoil that took a toll on my spirit.

I have come to realize that when we allow these emotions to build up enough, we have the ability to lose ourselves.

Adversity can cause a breakdown, yet it can also cause a breakthrough.

And in order to breakthrough we must go through and surrender to this period of growth.

We must be patient and take the time to take care of ourselves.

Self-care is not being selfish.

It is about taking time to build a relationship with yourself and commit to you spiritual health by letting go of what no longer serves you.

This past week I have found myself naturally falling into patterns of taking care of my spirit in order to rebuild and recharge.

I called this week my ‘Healing Hiatus’.

Even though I was still going to work and maintaining my day to day schedule, I chose to make the time to practice self-care in order to heal my mind, body and spirit.

Whether that meant going to less auditions, choosing to go to bed earlier, or cancel plans, I put my comfort first and found the time to give back to myself.

For this post, I am listing my top 21 things that were easy to do on days when I needed the extra love from myself the most.

I hope this helps and inspires you to find the time to take care.

21 Tips to Start Your Self-Care Practice:

1. Meditate (Breathe)

2. Hydrate

3. Eat something

4. Clean your space

5. Grab coffee with a friend

6. Go for a walk

7. Put on a positive podcast

8. Long showers

9. Light some calming and scented candles

10. Buy yourself flowers

11. Forgive

12. Read

13. Exercise (sweat it out)

14. Cry

15. Put on comfortable clothes

16. Moisturize

17. Write (Bring awareness to your thoughts and feelings, write them down. Keep a gratitude journal.)

18. Watch a good movie

19. Slow down

20. Put your phone on 'DO NOT DISTRUB'

21. Get sleep

Mental health awareness is so important and it starts by connecting deeper to what's going on inside. Developing a self-care practice creates a habit of putting yourself and your health first.

Please know that if you are going through a rough time, you are not alone.

I am here if you ever need to chat.

With love,



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