• Jackie Reynolds

This Too Shall Pass.

One of the cornerstone teachings in Buddhism is Impermanence.

“All that exists is impermanent; Nothing lasts.”

It is the number one inescapable and essentially painful, fact of life.

My brother recently passed away and his passing has completely altered my perspective on life.

Besides the incredible heart break and the trying times that his death has brought to my family, I instantly began to not only believe but truly feel the fact that nothing in life is ‘solid’ or 'fixed'.

That’s because nothing ever was…

The reality of mortality has hit me like a ton of bricks and in an instant, “Real Life” has become much more of a dream.

(Maybe because it is?)

Life is finite, and it is fleeting.

And as everything around us continues to move on and change, all we have is this moment.

I am a huge believer in growth.

I write about being comfortable with change and the importance of spiritual evolutions in life through change.

But with his death I have found myself stuck in thoughts of wishing things could go back as they were.

I am experiencing the true suffering of what it means to CLING to a situation internally that just brings on more fear and pain.

Truth is...

Things continuously pass away.

Whether we are talking about the pain of losing a loved one, or talking about one of the best years of your life, everything is passing because life is transient.

Allowing change to happen really does force us to cherish the now.

And becoming comfortable with change keeps us from being stuck.

This pain is unbearable and leads to us questioning G-d/The Universe, etc.

But then it hits you.

Here YOU are experiencing grief, the most incredible pain you could ever feel, and yet


And that’s what shakes you up the most...

This Too Shall Pass.

I guess to feel the pain of impermanence and loss can also become a profoundly beautiful reminder of what it means to exist.


- I love you, Jeremy.


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