• Jackie Reynolds

Three Simple Tasks to Help You Confront Resistance

"Most of us have two lives, the life we live and the un-lived life within us, between the two stands resistance."

- Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Sometimes life has a way of throwing obstacles at us that we were not prepared for. When these obstacles catch us off guard they have the ability to send our emotions directly into stress and fear that inhibit us from thinking clearly.

When we disconnect from our inner truth in this way we meet resistance.

Resistance can look like self-sabotage, sabotage from other people, or negative thoughts coming from our ego.

If you are human, you know what I mean by 'resistance'.

I recently injured myself that took me out of work physically for almost two weeks.

I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but it was long enough to experience a huge blow to my ego.

My ego couldn’t help but feed me the stress and fear of missing work, and negative thoughts about my health and self-esteem.

**^Those voices in our head our not ours, but man do they have a way of bringing us down. **

The negative thoughts were trying to block me from listening to my body.

In the end, it didn't matter how much my ego controlled my self perception, my body was calling the shots and I needed to listen.

In this post I am going to provide you three tasks to help bring more light and self awareness during times of resistance.

I believe that most obstacles in life can be used as opportunities to connect more deeply to ourselves.

In my case, I needed to listen to my body, surrender to the pain, and take care.

Whether you're having a rough week, month, or year....I hope these tasks help remind you of your light and inspire you to choose yourself and your dream life over the resistance.

Here's how we can meet resistance head on:

1. Keeping a Gratitude Journal: When I was injured I added this task to my morning routine.

The first thing I would do was write down three things I was grateful for before I started my day.

Slowing down and being out of work took a toll on my self-esteem, so reminding myself every morning of the good in my life allowed me to feel closer to the light within me that was being blocked by the resistance.

Focusing on lack creates more lack, and same goes for the opposite!

Focusing on abundance will bring more abundant things into our lives.

That's the beauty of the gratitude journal!

The more good that we see, the more good that comes our way.

Get out of the fog that negative thoughts create, and start by making a clear path for gratitude.

Even if you only write down something simple, allow that something simple to bring a sense of joy and warmth to your heart and your day.

2. Prayer/Meditation: Along with my gratitude journal, I also used my downtime while recovering to incorporate meditation into my morning routine.

The stillness that comes from prayer and meditation is truly the most effective way to slowing down our negative thought patterns and remind ourselves of our divine nature and purpose.

By using prayer and meditation to connect to our breath, we are able to elevate the resistance and get closer to our true selves.

This allows us to recognize that we are not our negative thought patterns and we can change our energy in our hearts and minds.

This calm and centered energy supports positive behavior instead of succumbing to the resistance through self-sabotage or bad habits.

3. Do The Work: This task is the key to meeting resistance head on.

The pain of not doing the work needs to be greater than doing the work.

So even when we think negatively or self-sabotage, the one thing that keeps us going is sheer will, determination, and making the decision to move forward.

This is when you finally put yourself physically where your heart is.

Maybe it's taking that dance class, finally sitting in front of your computer and writing that blog post :), or maybe it's as simple as going to the gym right after work.

You just do it because the outcome of giving up creates more fear than pushing forward.

Your will to keep going needs to be stronger than the resistance.

All of these tasks have one thing in common...

They force you to choose yourself and your dream life.

Giving yourself the gift of time to get clear on your purpose and get closer to yourself brings us that much more connected to clarity and peace.

True abundance is an inside job.

Choose to support yourself and your dream life.

No one else can do that for you.

Sending you light and love from NYC!!!


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