• Jackie Reynolds

Happy One Year, BLUE!

BLUE was created one year ago in order to share my entries while I embarked on my spiritual journey while living a creative life as an artist. I didn’t know where the blog was leading, but I knew I wanted to share my experiences and passions with you.

In the course of the year I have managed to stay true to that focus but also begin to use my stories to help guide YOU on your path in order to spread inspiration and spiritual empowerment.

Let’s just say that A LOT has happened since my first entry.

I published the blog shortly after returning to NYC from my first tour, and continued posting even while I performed all over Europe for 7 months. Since July I have been back in the city and auditioning while working as a Fitness Instructor!

Wait, what?

(The creative life is full of surprises.)

A year ago I couldn’t have predicted half of this wild ride, but I have committed to my spiritual alignment and this work, and it has allowed me to be led through my own intuition, passions and joy.

Even still, I find that this path doesn’t eliminate life’s challenges, but allows me to figure out how to always choose peace whenever conflict arises.

How was I able to start and commit to this work everyday?

In this post I want to give you my THREE TIPS that I have found work for me whenever I feel disconnected from my internal peace or spiritual alignment.

  1. Be Willing to Release Judgment

Whether you find judgment in yourself or the world around you, it's important to understand that it is only there to be used to avoid feeling inadequate or insecure.

In the Entertainment business, being compared and critiqued is part of game. The pressure one can put on his/herself is enough to create a self-doubt and halts ones growth. Judgment holds us in a negative state where we become stuck in the illusion that we are separated from one another.

And judgment can be sneaky! It presents itself as justification for condemning someone who YOU believe has wronged you and why you feel so bad.

In order to start releasing judgment, we must first witness our judgment without judgment.

Oneness is our true nature.

Once I made it a habit to experience the true nature of oneness through my spiritual alignment, my connection to love was restored and having any state of judgment stopped resonating with me.

Making the conscious effort to choose to see your world with love is the work that allows us to stay connected to our Highest Selves and our true path.

The light you see in someone else is a direct reflection of the light you see in yourself.

So, whenever you're feeling sad or disconnected from your path, recognize the judgmental thoughts that are holding you in a state of negativity and know that you have a choice to release those thoughts in order to change your perspective.

“What you judge in others is a reflection of what you judge in yourself, whereas what you love in others is a reflection of your light.”

Gabrielle Bernstein, ‘The Universe Has Your Back’

2. Remember to Stay Mindful

Throughout this year I had many moments that challenged my emotional intelligence. Whenever I felt stuck and powerless emotionally, or just overly sensitive, I felt myself hold on to the the negativity that was fueling my feelings and would begin to dwell.

By becoming mindful of my thoughts, I began to understand my emotions much better. Whenever something started to feel off balance emotionally, I identified it as a direct cry for help and guidance.

It was time to go within.

*It’s easy to be mindful, we just have to REMEMBER to do it!*

By changing my focus and tuning into my mind and heart, I would journal, meditate, exercise alone and/or pick up one of my motivational reads in order to reset my emotional outlook.

Whether I was feeling stressed with performing, my boss, family drama, ALL of these tools came in handy and would help me re-center myself and collect my thoughts.

It’s important to listen and reach out to whatever resonates with you for help.

The more we understand our thoughts, the more we can learn how to detach from them to find freedom.

3. Always Choose Love

In contrast to judgment, LOVE accepts.

No matter what phase of life you are in, there is never a time where choosing love won't benefit.

To change my perception of my life and my dreams, I started looking at my world around me with eyes of love.

I found myself developing this habit by asking myself “do I look through the eyes of love or the eyes of judgment?”

Once we have identified that we are CAN change our perspective from fear to love, we can make the conscious choice of choosing LOVE.

This definitely required me to shed old patterns and embrace a new way of being, but once I started shaping my perspective with eyes of love, I felt surrounded by love from everything.

I began to focus on what was thriving in my life and what brought me joy and inspiration.

This work allows me to stay in sync with a power greater than myself and it is meant to be done every single day.

Choosing the teacher of LOVE over the teacher of fear will begin your pathway to freedom.

When we believe in the LOVE of the Universe and allow it to move through us, we are a clear channel to receive great gifts and guidance.


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