• Jackie Reynolds

Rest | Relax | Restore

We don’t need to go into whose life is busier or who juggles the most things the best, we live in such a fast paced society that running on high speed at all times has become incredibly normal.

However, whenever transition takes place, your life's momentum is bound to shift. This change of energy is something that can make us feel uncomfortable and anxious.

Especially when it requires our life to slow down. 

The concept of slowing down for most people often seems alluring since we put so much value on our busy life. 

Once my contract ended, I began to experience this new sense of stillness that came with my transition.  I willingly started to force myself against this natural state by making plans for what was next and resisting the flow of my transitional time. Instead of adjusting to the new energy of my life, I resisted it and I truly began to feel like I was swimming upstream. I was met with so much tension that I found myself having trouble being productive and at peace. 

Then came self-doubt, fear of what to do next, anxiety, and so on...

Now that I have been out of my contract for nearly three months and have been back in auditions, I wanted to share what worked for me to finally manage this newfound "downtime"without the guilt. 

I believe that giving over to the flow is precisely how we are able to finally move forward and expand our inner strength. 

Accessing this strength will also help us grow more connected to ourselves on a spiritual level.

After all, during a transition, it is important to utilize your inner power for intuitive guidance. 

In yoga there is a position called Savasana, or the corpse pose. It's when you lie flat on your back, breathe and integrate. The purpose is that all the work you just did is metabolizing. Just like a big life transition, there are also transitions in your intuitive awareness of when it is time to speed up or slow down and take stock of what you are learning.

It's tempting to make plans for what's next (like I did), but what if we accepted the stillness?

In order to allow this time to be impactful to your growth, your energy needs to commit and focus on your inner awareness.

By slowing down, you find more time to actively go within and get closer to your intuition.  

Once I began to dedicate more time on my inner strength through meditation, prayer and surrendering the outcomes, I started to get clear about my next steps and began to receive better guidance from my true spirit.

Sometimes when we move so fast, we lose sight of the goals that are closest to our heart. 

Getting clear and concise on our goals will help us move forward in a more fulfilled way and allow our life to grow, expand, and flow. 

I started to realize that receiving downtime can be the ultimate gift. 

It's okay to admit that you need a little hiatus from the ever-aiming way of life! 

Maybe we need more Savasana in our lives...

You never know when life is going to pick up full speed again, and having this time to give your brain a break allows us to mentally shake things off and gain a fresh start!

If you needed a sign to keep going, LET THIS BE IT! 



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