• Jackie Reynolds

Good Morning! My Top 5 Tips on How to Start Your Day Feeling Like You!

We hear so many people talk about the importance of starting our days off with good morning rituals/routines in order to begin rising and shining.

So if so many preach this, there must be some good stuff behind it, right?

You should know that I AM a morning person at heart, and without my morning routine I wouldn't be able to function properly as myself.

My tips are going to be geared towards helping you start your day everyday feeling like your best self before you go out in the world!

1. Peaceful Affirmations Instead Of Noisy Alarms

I'm here to tell you that it's TRUE!

Waking up to emails, social media notifications, or even recent news stories trigger our nervous system and only sets our day up with stressors.

Since my alarm is on my phone and it is the first thing I touch to wake up, I knew I had to find something to trigger my brain to want to choose peace instead of emails.

With my positive affirmation app, I can control when it wakes me up every morning and it provides a positive affirmation that goes along with a peaceful alarm tone.

Right now I am using the app Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein.

And if this doesn’t suit you, maybe find a really awesome mantra or affirmation you want to remind yourself with everyday and post it on your mirror!

An affirmation to start your day is merely a reminder for our brains to align to our authentic selves.

These morning reminders bring us a moment of stillness, reflection, and in just one breath can bring us a sense of peace.

Now that is the work!

My affirmation today was:

"The happiness of others is my own happiness."

2. Readiness Through Rituals

Rituals or activities such as making the bed, getting the coffee started or even unloading the dishwasher can start your day off on the right foot.

I know...this may not seem as important or life altering, but I am telling you, holding ourselves accountable to small tasks like these allow us to feel in control and on top of our lives.

When the environment around you is taken care of, YOU are taken care of.

Having these tasks are also reminders that we are the creators of our own lives.

Stepping out into the world knowing you got small tasks taken care of allow us to feel secure and ready to take on much bigger things.

3. Morning Movement

I have always preferred a morning sweat to start my day.

If I have the time in my schedule, I prefer taking a Yoga/ Fitness class. But as it goes, some of my workouts are being planned mid day or later afternoon.

If you have time for a class, I would totally recommend finding something in the morning. The blood flows and the brain has a chance to tap into a blissful state of imagination which leaves you with a nice endorphin high before 9AM!

So, if you’re looking to add exercise in your daily life, try starting in the morning and see how accomplished you feel by 6PM!

If I don't have time for a full workout in the morning, I have a plethora of incredible short videos I enjoy that start my day off with connecting to my body through stretching and/or yoga.

I hardly ever do more than 15-20 minute videos at home, but taking a moment for some basic stretches gets me aligned with where my body is on that day.

Because I also work as an Instructor, exercise is an everyday routine for me so having this morning ritual is a MUST!

Here are some suggestions for starting your day with some movement:

***If you have time to fit a class in, may I suggest my own class at Current Fitness!

You can find my schedule on their website posted every week:

***My favorite YouTube Yoga is Boho Beautiful. She has a different video for whatever you are looking for no matter if you just want to stretch, or get a little sweat!

***A fitness app I am just getting into is Playbook. You are able to select a different trainer and go into any short and sweet workout video of your choice! This morning I found an amazing 10 minute stretch by SoulCycle Instructor, Charlee Atkins!

4. Find Time For Stillness

As a singer, some people ask me if I sing in the shower. But honestly, my morning showers are so precious that they have become my time for silence.

Even if I am waking up late and rushed, a shower is the only chance I get to give myself the peace I need to connect to myself before I start my day.

If you prefer showers in the evening, may I suggest finding that moment of stillness in a short morning meditation. Getting connected to our thoughts and breath is truly the best way to start our days fresh and as clear as possible.

If you are looking for guided mediations, there are plenty of Apps/YouTube videos that provide supported guidance that make your mediation totally meaningful and yours.

***Right now I am doing the 21 day Meditation Experiment App guided by Oprah and Deepak Chopra! It’s completely free and definitely brings you a beautiful sense of clarity to your day.

5. Set Intention

At this point we are dressed and ready to take on the world!

What is the one thing you can focus on to make this brand new day different for you?

Whether that is taking one more step towards that side project, finally making that important phone call, or just repeating your daily affirmation as you leave!

Stepping out with a goal and drive towards a specific intention provides us that constant flame that keeps things boiling and exciting.

When we are connected to ourselves and our inner peace, we will automatically vibrate higher to those around us.

The work starts with you, but the magic happens when your true joys begin to expand onto others.



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