• Jackie Reynolds

Everything, in time

Last Summer I started to alter my intention on how I was attracting my desires, and I began to make drastic changes in my life and surroundings.

In the beginning of this transitional time, I was soaring high with excitement with all the prospects my new life had to offer. Over the next few months, I found it harder and harder to accept that now that I had committed to this new life, the big time results I was anticipating did not show up right away.

In fact, so much had changed about my life and how I was living it, that when nothing was lighting up for me, it left me frustrated and burnt out.

What I didn't realize, was that the Universe was listening to my desires, it just knew that this new version of myself had some work to do in order to be ready for the results.

So in return it started giving me assignments in my new life to show up for in order to transform.

I had to go through it, in order to grow through it.

Some of these assignments included a very stressful move, unemployment, heart pains that left my ego deflated beyond measure, and self doubt so immense that I felt lost.

This went on for months!

In an act of me wanting so much more for myself and quality of life, I began surrounding myself with everything that made me feel good. I picked up meditation, yoga, made plans with friends, kept auditioning, and began the work I had to do within myself. I began the heart work necessary in order to be connected and at peace with myself even though my surroundings were not what I was asking for.

After all, happiness does come from within...

This entire time my intuition kept telling me that I was on the right path, and I had faith that showing up for myself with self-love was my only way out.

Changing my intention by focusing on feeling good is what helped me change my path.

It's important that we, people on a spiritual path, accept that the Universe has a plan far greater than we do. With that said, I do believe that the Universe is abundant and conspiring in our favor, I just feel like it is also on it's own timing for the greater good.

When you surrender your plans and release control, you stop pursuing the path of your misguided ego. You allow the voice of your intuition and the energy of love to be your guide.

Through my intense transitional time, I learned that all I had was my faith in myself and trust in the Universe.

The more I leaned into that, the more guidance and support I allowed into my life.

Looking back on that time, I see it so clearly now.

Every emotional break down, stressful outcome, or even those moments of massive self-doubt kept leading me to find what made me feel like 'me'. To feel good.

During this discovery, I found a depth within myself that I was able to access and I made a break through!

A break through that has led me to discovering a more authentic version of myself for my acting career, and my calling to helping others on their spiritual journey.

So, yes, everything is happening, but in it's own time.

Now that I am back in auditions and getting focused and clear on my next steps to take on my artistic journey, I understand that it doesn't matter how much clarity I have, the opportunity that will happen next is completely out of my hands.

If the Universe is guiding us to focus on different strengths during different times , we must understand that going with the flow will get us further faster than against the current.


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