• Jackie Reynolds

You are your own safety net

When life demands us to take a different approach in our creative endeavors, it often means making a change and taking a leap of faith.

Taking a leap of faith is scary because we are not sure if the safety net will appear.

This is why many of us choose the comfortable route that makes us feel safe and stable.

Now that I have returned to the states, I am experiencing a fresh start in NYC.

I have gone from working every day overseas for nearly six months, to being unemployed and back in auditions.

But the crazy part of it all, is that I feel different in this city now.

Especially coming back to the life I left behind.

*"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it's old dimensions."*

This new chapter of my life will take on a whole new meaning because I have changed.

Without confidence or the knowing that we are entitled to our creative lives and endeavors, we will never push ourselves out of our personal safety.

Trusting that you will show up for yourself is key.

No matter what happens, you will figure it out.

You are your own safety net.

Life's momentum also has a way of sending surprises our way...

So the truth is, even when we plan, organize our thoughts and make goals, we never truly know what could be just around the corner for us because nothing is ever guaranteed.

Why not open yourself up to risky decisions or sudden changes by taking the reigns of your life and commiting to yourself.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck like myself, or feel some sort of sense that a change may be needed in your life, follow your curiosity and stay inspired by what thrills you.

See how it feels and how it may influence you.

That one leap may just open your eyes to seeing yourself doing something a little differently that will catapult you right where you are meant to be.


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