• Jackie Reynolds


A year ago I started to get real about my dreams and the life I was living in order to achieve them.

Living my life in the hustle of auditions and networking wasn’t the struggle, I tend to have more energy than I can handle and taking action was never a problem for me.

The struggle occurred when I would feel like I was hitting a wall. I was frustrated and stuck.

I realized it was how I was aligning myself to the work that was keeping me still.

My actions were always forced. I was forcing my dreams to line up just how I wanted, finding it so difficult to let go of the wheel.

In order to move forward, I had to change my frequency and receive different vibrations through the spiritual practice of following my intuition.

I began to embrace and surrender to love.

Letting go of the wheel is hard, but I began to see how staying with this new frequency was only going to allow my dreams to meet me half way.

In order to live this way, I found myself making sacrifices and taking many leaps of faith that contributed to this new path. Right away I could feel myself veering off into the fast lane of a brand new life.

A brand new version of myself.

It soon became the first year of my adult life living as a single woman. This newfound independence has been extremely thrilling, terrifying, and the best gift I ever gave myself. I dedicated myself to my body, my mind and my work. Meditating, praying, reading many self-help books, adding yoga to my fitness routine, and even making brand new rituals, vitalized this new version of myself.

Dating wasn’t something that I put much effort into when I decided to go on my own, but being desired awakened a part of my confidence that was vital for my transition.

I wanted to say YES to dates because I could.

Dating and meeting wonderful people has taught me to really appreciate the timing of others lives.

When it comes to relationships, timing is everything.

And learning to let that go really opened my eyes to accepting my own personal timing.

I also began to take every advantage of my social life. Outside of saying YES to dates, I was saying YES to every social gathering and even taking advantage of traveling the world to see friends I’d always wanted to visit!

With auditions being slow and in between gigs, I wanted to use my “down” time (literally and emotionally) and fill it with experiences and love. These experiences were spontaneous and borderline irresponsible at times, but they brought so much electricity and fire to my brand new soul.

All I had to do was start leaning into the power that was greater than myself, and trust that the possibilities would be abundant and there for me when I needed them.

I learned through the art of stillness and surrendering, I could finally start to move forward and upward…

The opportunities that have shown up for me this year have actually fallen right into my lap. These opportunities were never something I planned for, but they were everything I had prayed for.

If there is one thing I can leave you with, it is to just keep falling in love with everything that you want in life.

The practice of being on a spiritual path isn’t about being the best meditator or the kindest person, or the most enlightened. The practice is about surrendering to love as much as possible.

And even in the weirdest, darkest moments of my transcendence from my old life, I always had myself.

I have been on the fast track to falling in love with myself ever since.


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