• Jackie Reynolds


I believe the pursuit of balance is stressing us out.

While we take on this juggling act of self, others and career, with equal parts exercise, devotion to family, career ambition, diet...our quest to "bettering ourselves" can lead to exhaustion and the disappointment of never quite getting it right.

I have been coming to terms with the idea that this idea of "balance" is bogus.

Throughout my life there are times when my relationships matter more than my job. There are months when my career sets the pace for my entire life. And there are plenty of days where my focus is inward and I retreat from the surface of my life to tend to my body and soul.

If we want to really remain open to the abundance of life's adventures, we need to understand that making our idea of balance a priority will only hold us back from our greatness.

Sadly, we unconsciously structure our lives so that our work, our spirit, and our significant relationships are set against one another in a competition of importance.

Someone or something is bound to lose in this equation.

I know that for me, if my social life is getting 100% of my attention, my career must be taking a back seat. And if my career is thriving, I'm missing birthdays, weddings, family reunions...etc.

I cannot juggle the perfectly balanced lifestyle, because I never know when my soul is going to send me a new set of directions via my daydreams or intuition. But if I am focused on being a whole person by focusing on harmony and proportion in my life, I will be able to honor and tend to each part of my life that is in need.

As you know, I have taken a 6 month contract to work overseas, taking me away from my New York City life, my friends and family, my routine...etc.

This work has been one of the hardest jobs I have taken on as an artist. With that comes many rewards, but also the sacrifice of a structured life.

I have had to completely surrender to the adventure and trust my personal timing.

This has already been a year of complete independence, and allowing myself to go along with the ride of this new job is strengthening my evolution into the newest version of myself.

I am getting the chance to perform everyday and travel our beautiful Earth. That is a GIFT!

So I am putting 100% of myself into this chapter because it needs my full attention and time. Sacrifices and all.

One of my favorite books right now is Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte. She talks a lot about mastering the harmony of our lives, and how important it is to let each part of our lives have center stage when it feels most urgent and ripe. The adventure of our life starts when we stay committed to our passions and calling.

She also states that tending to the timing of our lives sometimes is "universally seasonal"....

Time to uproot.

Time to put down roots.

Time to make art.

Time to find my people...


Everything is progress. Expansion. Growth.

How are you using your passions and energy to help aim where you want to go?

Ask yourself what you're going to have to give up in order to pull it off. Something will have to give so that you can make room for greatness.

You may have never been where you're going, but you will figure it out once you get there.

You're the only one who can.

"Up close, or by the standards of those who prefer the safety of balance, it may look off-kilter, but when you step back, you might see a masterpiece called Your Life, Lived. Priceless."

-Danielle Laporte

**Writing this while looking out at the Mediterranean as we cruise over to Málaga, Spain! If you had asked me four months ago, I would have never predicted I would be here right now. Sometimes life has a way of giving you exactly what you need, and it is way beyond what you would have predicted.

Trust that you are being supported.

Trust the timing of your life.**


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