• Jackie Reynolds

Follow Your Bliss

"How you get so fly?...

from not being afraid to fall out of the sky."

- Jay Z, "Beach Chair"

As I am entering the last few weeks of living in Germany and getting ready to embark on a new journey of singing all over the Mediterranean, I can't help but begin to feel the countdown.

My profession always comes with a countdown.

There will always be a beginning, middle and end for every job I take, and it usually leaves most artists feeling the fear of "will I ever work again?"

Lately, I have been learning how to put that fear in it's place. 

By doing so I have had to really change my vision of success by not focusing on the"job", but rather a personal feeling that leaves me at peace and within my idea of bliss. 

How do I want to feel instead of what do I want to accomplish?

In order to figure out what feelings are most powerful for me, I have had to navigate my own idea of bliss! 

Here are some questions to ask while doing this:

How do you want to feel?

What dream would be so amazing that it would surprise even you?

How much happiness could you stand? 

Let's just go in and FEEL the high of our most extreme dreams. 

The realization I am having with my ever evolving career path, is that the "dream" is extremely personal to each individual. And we will never be finished dreaming because for so many of us, we are always driving, nonstop, in hopes of arriving at peace.

So, what if we began to accept the idea that we are forever incomplete? 

Our lives are not a race to the finish line. 

Now that I am channeling my dreams based on how I want to feel, I have begun to believe in and envision more possibilities that are designed for me. 

I can begin to define my life on my own terms and not by checking off a goal oriented to-do list. 

With this new way of viewing my future, it brings me peace knowing my idea of bliss will be ever growing, because I will be always following what moves me. 

And that is a much more exciting life path than chasing my idea of what I “should” be doing. 

So, what is your idea of true bliss? What are things you can start doing that make you feel the way you want to feel?

Feelings are magnetic, what kind of awesome do you want to attract?

When you believe it, you see it. :) 

***Keeping this post a bit open ended since this perspective is new to me and I am discovering these thoughts as I write this! If anyone reads this, would love to discuss, share, listen, empower, etc. ***

Sending LOVE. You deserve it.


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