• Jackie Reynolds

In With The New

Happy 2018!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing it in.

Unfortunately I got sick enough that I had to stay inside, but not so unfortunately, I still spent the evening with my cast who brought the happy and healthy party vibes to my apartment!

I welcomed their love with open arms.

We certainly do not need a New Year to admire our growth, but it is a great way to acknowledge our own path and timing. Look how far we've come!

On this New Year, I wish that we all get a little bit closer to accepting ourselves and our true nature by letting go of old agreements and rituals that do not suit us.

May we be mindful of our behavior, and remember to choose love, so we can continue the pathway of our healing and freedom.

Life is always going to be filled with ups and downs, and we will continue to wake up and try our best. Our best will vary day by day, but as long as we take control over our thoughts and accept love, we are that much closer to being free of judgment and fear.

Let us get back to the truth; that we are all in this together.

We have a conscious and unconscious desire to feel free, happy, and to reconnect to our true nature. And if we remember that we hold the right to happiness and the abundance that life has to offer, we can sooner go out and get ours!

This is a good time to use the rejuvenating vibes from the New Year to continue our process of clearing tension, negativity, and stress that are blocking positive flow in our lives. Stay aligned with your flow.

When we are guided in the healing of ourselves, we are then a major part in the healing of the world.

Shine your light!!

Happy New Year!!

All Good Things.


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