• Jackie Reynolds

Blow Your Mind, Open Your Heart

Every moment on my solo trip to Paris was so personal that each experience became like a little secret written on my heart.

I had never been to Paris before, but I always felt like it was going to happen when the time was right for me to experience such an awesome city. Now that I am back to work in Germany, I am beyond thankful that my first time visiting Paris was alone and in this specific time in my life.

I figured I would get to see everything I wanted since I was alone, but that was not the case.

I was so overwhelmed by the elegance and passion of this city that I wanted more!

There was love coming from the trees, the sky, the buildings, and other humans. I felt at ease and comfortable.

And because I was alone, I felt detached from everything. I was at peace exploring and falling in love with a new city and having a personal experience.

Because I was perceiving love from everything, I was in a constant state of bliss.

I realized it was absolutely possible to feel this way all the time...

We must remember that there is love surrounding us always. And we are able to live in this state of bliss everyday if we can change our perception to love.

By allowing love to work through me and evolving into a new phase of my life, I have accessed a more independent freedom. While I have always found myself a free and happy person, I am now at a new level of mental freedom that contains wisdom instead of innocence.

When we are free with wisdom, we can use our own mind and run our own life. We have the power to change our perception to love and the ability to practice this new way of thought.

As I allowed my intense energy of love to give back to the streets and the people, I ended up getting myself in situations that brought me new friends. Both on Christmas Eve and Christmas I was invited by two different sets of strangers to have dinner with them.

I don't celebrate Christmas, so I had no problem being alone over the Holiday. But my vibes were strong enough to connect me to those who wanted to share their time with me! I was left with two evenings that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I'm not saying it's better to be a solo traveler, but I would not have had those experiences if I was sharing the trip with someone else.

And I am grateful that my heart is now full of little secrets that will be mine forever.

The world is very beautiful and wonderful.

Life can be very easy when love is your way of life.


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