• Jackie Reynolds

Me, Myself and Whoever I want to Be

Those who know me, know I am an extremely extroverted individual.

I take pride in staying connected to my people and my accountability as a family member, friend, etc. In many ways, I am a person who needs people. So in a world where I am constantly in chase or working to "better myself" for others, it gets easy to forget what freedom really means. How can we find that much needed alone time to navigate our thoughts so we can continue to grow closer to our inner peace? I have recently taken a new job that has started out as quite an independent adventure.

I am currently in intense rehearsals for two months in Germany. Outside of rehearsal, I am utilizing my free time as alone time and it has already been immensely liberating. Since I am far away from home, disconnected and on my own, I have begun to rejuvenate my friendship with my imagination and connection to my thoughts. Going out and exploring alone has allowed me to be completely present. Every experience I have had has been truly brand new and my own. And that is magical. In just a week, this has become way more than a job. I have learned so much about myself by having this much needed ME time. This is an opportunity for me to grow, experience the world on my own for a bit, and gain perspective in who I am as an independent woman. There is so much beauty in finding a bit of solitude and taking that time for yourself to go about it alone. And if you're lucky enough to be given time out of your busy schedule to stop, smell the roses, and count your blessings, your world will shine brighter. And you will vibe higher. If there is one thing I have learned out of this transition, it is to trust the timing of your life and the importance in finding time to be with you. Life will always have many ups and downs and no matter what stage you are in with your process, it’s never too late to look within and get in touch with Number One. And in times of self-doubt ... Ask yourself what you want and show up for yourself. You have the ability to go within and observe your own thoughts to reprogram your own mind, in your own way. Most transitions require a lot of blood sweat and tears.

So be kind to yourself. Show gratitude for yourself. Love yourself. Because guess who's waiting for you on the other side of it all? Yourself. :) Sending LOVE from Germany to anyone who reads this thing!!

I plan to post more during this new adventure.


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