• Jackie Reynolds

A Moment

Our trip to Thailand became one of the most adventurous and beautiful gifts I have ever given myself.

Each day was filled with mind blowing events that left us in disbelief.

Could we actually be experiencing so much awesome?

On one of our last days, we did a speedboat tour that took us to a few islands in the Andaman Sea.

The tour started with an hour ride to get to the first destination. During the first forty-five minutes of the boat ride, all we could see was water and sky. As we got closer, we began to notice massive rock formations coming out of the water.

The water started to become so clear.

The clearest, sapphire blue waters I have ever seen.

They stopped the boat in a little pocket of water in between these stunning formations and let us out to snorkel and swim.

While we snorkeled, I took the opportunity to be quiet and admire all of the fish inches from my nose. I then felt compelled to take off my snorkel mask and swim away from the boat. I kept the boat in sight, but just kept swimming until I felt inclined to turn over and float on my back.

As I floated, I had a moment where I realized that if someone handed me a map right then and there and asked me to point out where that little pocket of water was, I would not be able to identify it.

Not even close.

I had no idea where I was.

It was the most beautiful feeling because I was so in love with what I was seeing, and so grateful for this moment to float freely.

In this moment, I belonged nowhere and to no one.

It was just me and the sun beaming down on my body.

As I looked up, I felt such familiarity with the sun.

This was the same sun I had worshipped all of my life.

I had no idea where I was, but I was being supported by the nature that I knew well and loved.

I felt so disconnected and yet connected to everything.

In a moment, I could remember every single care I've ever had, and I knew that none of them mattered.

In this moment I knew that every moment I've had in my life had brought me to that small moment of clarity.

Feeling so small can be liberating, but it's also unsettling.

It's as if this careless sensation comes with the negative feelings of being irresponsible and/or selfish.

Why do our anxieties give us a sense of importance?

Do our day to day stressors define who we are as people?

Who do we become when we allow everything to disappear?

In a moment, I became a blank slate.

In a moment, I knew I had been guided my whole life to experience this moment.

In that present moment, I allowed falling in love with everything around me be my life purpose.

I took full ownership of my moment, because I knew it was mine.

This relaxed moment I had with the Universe allowed me to feel complete inner peace.

It is amazing to realize that our peaceful, loving instinct and our connection to our Universe is so natural.

When we believe in the love of the Universe and allow it to move through us, we are a clear channel to receive great gifts and guidance.

I promise to embody this truth so I can allow more moments to occur, and to have more mindful moments focusing on the love that is all around me.

My relationship with my Universe is an ongoing conversation.

And the best conversations start with the words thank you.

"The present moment is the only available moment to us, and it is the door to all moments."

- Thich Nhat Hanh


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