• Jackie Reynolds

20/20 Vision

“20/20 vision”

This was the universal hashtag, caption, and theme going into 2020.

And even though we can all agree that this year was not what we had ‘envisioned’, we can acknowledge the irony in how this year has actually brought the "20/20 vision" we predicted all along.

As this year continues to allow space for us to learn more about ourselves, unveil the realities of our world and our culture, we've been able to see clearly what was beneath all of the distractions in our old lives.

Most of it is not so pretty.

This is not to say that I think we should be harshly judging ourselves on what we are discovering or how we are reacting during this time.

Instead, I believe that we are being called to learn different skills this year in order for us to adapt, expand, and move towards a vision that is much more crystallized than ever before.

This Summer I realized that I had been blocking myself from creating new experiences and new memories.

I spent a lot of time in the beginning of quarantine looking back and using nostalgia to make the past seem more beautiful.

I felt the extreme wanting to re live old experiences and old memories.

Have you ever noticed the internal ‘time travel’ struggle we put ourselves through?

Whether we are living in nostalgia and experiencing a sense of longing, or living in the future and experiencing anxiety....

Both are not helping our situation!

What I have been so grateful for this year is how adaptable I am as a person.

When my default life I had been living as an artist became a thing of the past over night, I felt the ability to stretch and go with it.

Being adaptable has got me through many tough times, however, I was finally able to get clear and reevaluate my purpose in life this year when I chose to fully accept what was, and committed to stillness and presence.

My partner and I have both opened ourselves up to conversations that inquire what we want for our future on a deeper level.

We began to ask the question, if a time like this were to happen again (which it might) what would we want to have set up for ourselves differently?

What do we actually want in this life?

That's when I started to see..

The year of 2020 has always been about becoming more clear on our actions and the choices we make in this new space of clarity.

This Summer has involved me taking leaps of faith into new ventures and expanding my mind and energy in a direction I never saw coming.

And I don't think I would have been able to go in this direction and see the path so clearly otherwise.

Life is always made up of new experiences, and when we are taken out of our default way of living, we are reminded of

presence, discovery and revelation.

All of the things that life is made up of.

So continue to discover new ways of being, find presence in the unknown, and choose stillness in this years' revelations.

You are right where you need to be.


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